Meet the Beer Ladies

Born during the pandemic, and growing each year - the Beer Ladies have become a regular fixture in the ears of brewers and beer-lovers alike.

Season 3 Hosts

Thandi Guilherme - Beer Ladies


I’m Thandi, the resident designer, planner, and editor here at Beer Ladies. I am a BJCP judge, homebrewer, and VP of the National Homebrew Club. I also design beer merch. When I’m not playing with pixels, I am likely fermenting something or cooing over my cats. I have a soft spot for anything with oatmeal or rye.

Christina Wade - Beer Ladies


I’m Christina. I have an obsession with beer history. Since finishing my Ph.D., I’ve been working away on a book about beer history in Ireland. Also a BJCP judge.
Founder and President of the Ladies Craft Beer Society of Ireland. Love Belgian beer. Yes, all of them.

Lisa Grimm - Beer Ladies


I’m Lisa, a transplanted American BJCP judge in Dublin who works in tech, but with a background in archaeology and archives. I write about beer history, run, wrangle my kids and/or cats, and drink too much tea when not on the beer.
Milds and bitters are my jam.

Katie Malone - Beer Ladies


I’m Katie, culchie turned city slicker. Love of beer, Eurovision, and terrible disaster movies. Hates WFH during a global pandemic.

Currently learning the editing ropes for the podcast.

Previous hosts

Erica - Season 2

Carolyn - Seasons 1 & 2

Bean - Seasons 1 & 2

Sarah - Season 1

Joanne - Season 1

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